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Oprah, Terry Vaughan, Empowering Women, Situational Awareness, Self Defense Show | Vote HERE

New photography client, Terry Vaughan, best known for helping to empower women with his seminars on Situational Awareness and helping to teach them (us) real-life tactics of self-defense against attackers and predators is working to get Oprah to film a whole show about Situational Awareness Training For Women.


Terry is not your typical guy who just stands there and lectures you, or tries to scare you into paying attention.  He’s both entertaining and very knowledgable, and while learning how to protect yourself and others around you, you’ll find yourself laughing quite a bit.

Having recently done a photo shoot with him, I can attest to the fact that this British fellow is just one GREAT guy – plain and simple!

To read more about Terry and my personal experience meeting and working with him, as well as some photos from our session, go to my recent post:

In this day and age, with the crimes reported on the news that happen without prejudice around the country, [nevermind the ones that are never reported] I feel that women could really benefit from a show such as this.  I know I could.

YOU can help make that a reality and play a part in helping to empower women against predators by voting for Terry’s show.

Please follow the link to watch the video clip on Oprah’s website and PLEASE vote for Terry Vaughan after viewing!

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