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Father’s Day Ideas

I know many of you out there can relate to having a hard time buying dad/hubby something for Father’s Day.  Also — all you other photographers out there might be able to relate to my experience with family photography — let’s just say that ‘Mom’ is usually more into the photo sessions that ‘Dad’ is and even if he is into being photographed — his attention span is usually much shorter than his female counterpart’s.:)  That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with that — I get it, the majority of guys aren’t into doing photo shoots.  That’s a-ok. You like football and fixin stuff — we all have our talents;)

….AND this brings me to my point.  I’m one of those wives who has a hard time finding something meaningful for my husband for Father’s Day from our little boy who is currently 2.  So after hubby brought home a 1966 Ford Galaxie (his new BAYBEEE – I swear he’d sleep in it if it wasn’t so hot outside), I saw my opportunity.

Ya see, hubby is a mechanic.  He likes all things mechanical, anything that is broken that he can figure out, the greasier – the better.  He also buys and sells classic car parts and is typically found perusing the junkyards every Sunday and as many nights after work that he can get away with to find these old classic car parts which he cleans up, fixes if necessary and sells.  He has actually bought out all the junkyards in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas and has had to travel to Georgia to pick through THEIR junk…

Well, his dream was to buy an old classic car (see below) to work on with our son throughout the years like he did with his dad and then give to him when he is able to drive. (I told him that we’d all probably be flying around in spacesuits by then, but I digress — and I admit,  it IS a beautiful thought).

So, I decided to take Hubby’s two favorite things – our son and the old boat of a car – and combine them together for a photo session from which I could give him photos and a book for Father’s Day. (he’s seen them already – so I’m not spoiling the surprise – not that he reads my blog or anything ;D)

I processed them to appear mostly classic, vintage black and whites and added a few retro and modern twists in for fun.

I like to call this series “American Classics” – from the cars themselves to the classic American father and son who put their blood sweat and tears into making them run.  I dedicate these to all the Fathers and Sons out there.

Back to my point — why not buy Dad a photo session featuring his favorite car, motorcycle, mechanical thingimagiggie, dog, sports paraphernalia, hobby etc? Want photos with a classic car but don’t have one? I think we can help ya out there, LOL!

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it is a great time to buy a gift certificate for him (you can schedule your session at your convenience).

And the best part is:

For Father’s Day Photo Session Gift Certificates,

the session fee is cut in HALF ($50)

Once you purchase your gift certificate, you will receive a custom gift certificate PDF file that you can print for Dad within 24 hours.
Any problems, please email me [ @]

Gift certificate covers photo session cost.


The first photo above was taken of our boy checking out a classic 1964 Lincoln Continental Hubby was working on for a customer.

Once you purchase your gift certificate, you will receive a custom gift certificate PDF file within 24 hours that you can print for Dad .
Any problems, please email me [ @]

Gift certificate covers photo session cost.

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