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Photog Freebie #5 | 10-in-1 Vintage Painterly Styled Luxe Sticker

It’s been a busy week, along with a bum hip and a stomach bug, but I managed to finish Just My Luxe Photog Freebie number 5 for you guys.

This freebie is a 10-in-1  3×3 Vintage Painterly Styled Luxe Sticker with a variety of color adjustment layers which are all editable to make pretty much an unlimited number of different color combos. I started you out with 9 (plus the original).  I decided to call it “Purrfect Christmas” for the vintage storybook line drawing of  a Momma Cat and her kittens included on the sticker. These free holiday stickers are great for Christmas gifts, closing envelopes or general Holiday Decor.  Fonts are not editable, but I have included the font name for you to download, install and use on your own stickers.  Font instructions are available on my facebook Wall.

Please remember to read terms included in zip file. Stickers are MillersLab Specs.  These were made in CS5, and I am unsure whether they are compatible with lower versions of Photoshop due to the adjustment layers.  If anything the original color/base sticker is still usable.


Here is the preview of the new photog freebie luxe 3×3 ornate vintage holiday stickers:

CANDIDHAMS 3x3 Luxe Vintage 10-in-1 Christmas Sticker

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Thanks to all my new fans and Enjoy!

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