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Who the heck are you anyway?

Lovella, the Human: I like moonlit walks on the beach, good books….oh wait, wrong venue [smile]

I’m a married mom of one son who you’ll see quite a few photos of throughout the site – he’s my muse, my inspiration. In addition to my creative endeavors, in design and marketing, I’ve worked with animals collectively, for 17 years (sheesh! am I really that old???) as a Veterinary Technician, groomer, wildlife rehabilitator and pet sitter for aggressive, geriatric and medication-dependent pets. Because of my background with pets and animals, I’m very comfortable photographing them…unless of course you own an alligator…

Born in Ohio. Grew up in Jersey (and no Jersey Shore is NOT what life in NJ is like). Currently in NC. (Hope to move back to NJ)

What influenced you to become a photog? 

That’s a multi-part answer actually.  I am a traditional artist, and create charcoal portraits – which I have done for over 25 years. My talents and abilities have always leaned toward the arts.  Anything creative tends to seem easy to me…balancing a checkbook? Not so much.:)

I began taking photos when I was between 8 and 11.  My uncle gave me a camera and I loved having the ability to freeze a moment in time – a moment which could never be forgotten or lost, because it was right there in front of me.  A moment in the life of a loved one long gone.  Photos are important to me, I guess you could say.

I don’t have many photos of me as a baby.  I have no idea what I looked like as a newborn.  That has always bothered me.  I continued to take pictures of everyone and everything on into adulthood.  When my son was born in January of 2009, I was SO inspired to capture each and every day as he grew.  HE became and still is my muse. I got my first DSLR from my husband who saw potential in my photos in March of 2009.  I have over 15,000+ photos of my son alone, not counting everything else I photograph.  I embarked on a quest to continue to capture his daily life throughout the years so that when he is older, he can look back and see himself as a child through his mother’s eyes.

What I remind others of when they tease me about never leaving home without my cameras in tow, is that photographs are soooo precious…and priceless.  Time moves on, we can’t stop it.  Most people take ordinary moments for granted.  One day, those moments might bring a smile to the face of a loved one.

Did you have a mentor?

I didn’t have a mentor, I tend to be a self-starter, self-taught type of person…but I am inspired by the work of others.  There are several photographers who are also moms who I admire. Emma Wood of Emma Wood PhotographySarah Cornish from My4Hens Photography, Annie Manning from Paint the Moon and Elena Wilken from EW Couture are all professional ‘Mom-tographers’ who have the beautiful ability to capture the essence of their (and other’s) children’s personalities and share with the world through the art of photography.  I am a fan of many more, but these four are my favorite inspirations.

Other Careers… 

I worked in the pet/wildlife industry, collectively for over 17 years, primarily as a Veterinary Technician.  I have also done web and graphic design and photo restoration and retouching since 1997 – which I still do.

Film or Digital?  

I’m a modern digital girl and have the utmost respect and admiration for traditional film photographers — but I prefer the instant satisfaction of seeing my work immediately.  I shoot in RAW format, not JPG. Though I truly love color, black and white photography – especially utilizing shadows and natural light – is my favorite.

What type of subject matter do you shoot?  

For fun ?

I am constantly capturing photos of everything and everyone – especially my son.  I love antique automobile photography, some architecture, nature, macro — but I mainly work with people…and truly enjoy making people laugh.  

For Work ?

I mainly do family and child photography. I also enjoy working with pets and will be photographing my 6th wedding in May. I will do posed portraits and the like for weddings and group shots but I am first and foremost a natural light lifestyle photographer.  I strive to photograph life as it happens – candid moments in between the poses, interactions between couples, subtleties in facial expressions or a loving glance between a mother and child.  THESE are the things people will want to remember many years from now, not a forced smile on a cranky child or a stiff, uncomfortable pose.

My passion lies in capturing emotions – whether it be laughter or a far away, whimsical look – anyway you spin it, it’s about creating photographic art from life and feelings which when viewed years from now, will trigger a memory or emotional response from the viewer of that photo.

 What does CandidHams mean?

CandidHams was a play on words my husband came up with. Candid meaning unscripted, unplanned, spur of the moment. Hams is for my love of those who can ham it up and be themselves in front of a camera.  Candied Yams reminds me of Thanksgiving which reminds me of family, of life. This is what I love to photograph.  LIFE.

No Cheese Policy

I have a ‘no cheese’ policy.  If I see forced, cheesy smiles, I will do or say something to crack up my subjects to get a genuine grin…mostly at my own expense – all in the name of photography.

Thank YOU for visiting:

My name is Lovella, and I’ll be your photographer today. Welcome to my home on the web.