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What’s your style?

My Style? KISS – Keep It Simple Silly…
I prefer to capture the essence and individuality of my subjects in their every day life rather than having them sit, pose and many times, feel uncomfortable because they know they’re having their picture taken.

If you want to get technical, I suppose I prefer a photojournalistic style of photography.

I like my photos to tell a story.  Let me see if I can explain this…bear with me…

When you look at a posed portrait with an empty smile, there’s nothing behind it, even if it IS adorable.  With my photos, there’s something behind the smile or look.  Even if someone other than you looks at the photo, they should be able to see it.  It should tell a story.  I do love putting together series of photos from the same group to see the progression of a moment. Confused yet? I am. (just kidding)

In my experience as a mother, a model and as a photographer, the best photos captured are the ones that aren’t planned.

Think of it this way, when you look back 20 years from now at your children’s photographs, do you want to see a forced, cheesy smile or do you want to see them as they were as children – playing, sleeping, being silly?  As a momma, I know I would much rather see that silly face my son makes when he sees something new for the first time… NOT a photo of a grumpy baby who had to sit still to capture a halfway decent photo.

Along the same lines, and I touch on this in my About Me section…with kids as well as pets – they do much better being able to just be themselves.  Making an animal or a child sit still is a feat in and of itself and when all is said and done, you have a grumpy kid, a dog that wants to run and hide (or looks like you just reprimanded it) and one stressed out parent or pet owner.

Keep it simple, silly!

I get the best exercise during child and pet photo sessions — you have NO idea.  I suffer from Fibromyalgia, so after a photo shoot, running around, rolling on the ground to get that perfect shot, I am spent for the next 2 days — but y’know what? it’s worth it.  I love every minute of it.;)

Do you just photograph children and babies, or do you also do custom family photography?

Actually…funny you should ask…my favorite moments to capture, are those between mother and child, father and child, and siblings.  There is something so personal and unique about those special looks and interactions, that no matter how many I photograph, I still get chills…and each and every single one is unique and special.  To give you a little hint as to why…I wasn’t raised with my family, but by a foster mom.  I have always been drawn to family resemblances and seeing families together…well, because I didn’t have it, I suppose.  Family is a beautiful thing. Cherish it.

How important is having a portrait session for my child?

Again, I can’t stress this enough… I am the mother to a son born jan of 2009.  The changes that occur in him DAILY astound me.  I will never get that time back. He’s going to grow up and soon his babyhood will just be a memory.  I actually do something with him that I decided on before he was born.  i take a photo of his face at least once a day.  When he turns one, I plan to create a slideshow of him to see the daily changes that took place.  Now, obviously I can’t be at everyone’s home every day, but getting photos done of your child during each stage of his or her life growing up is something you will not regret.

As I mentioned above, I wasn’t raised by my mother.  Unfortunately, I only have a handful of photos of me as a baby.  yes, maybe a dozen.  I don’t know what I looked like as a newborn.  THAT is something I can never get back.  Child photography sessions aren’t a luxury, they are THAT important.  I have seen just how quickly my son has grown in the last 9 months.  I’m so happy that I have the ability to capture him on film and can look back at them years from now and smile.

I encourage you to have photos done of your child. No, that’s not a ploy to get you to hire me.  If you do it yourself or hire someone else, that’s not my point.  I cannot stress enough to you Moms and Dads out there…capture your babies on film, it’s more important that you may realize.

What kind of clothing should we wear?

Simple, no prints, well-fitting clothing. And unless you’re a newborn, no birthday suits, please.  :0
If it’s a family photo shoot and you want to match, I would recommend coordinating outfits (similar, not the same) – no one wants to look like a barbershop quartet!

Can we change outfits?

Absolutely! If you want to change 6 times, that’s up to you. I have no problem with that.  It’ll give me a moment to rest. =)

Where do photo sessions take place?

Wherever you’d like within reason…(now if you want me to travel to Alaska, we may need to talk…)

I can come to you or your location of choice.  I also have a few parks near me that are beautiful and render some stunning photos.  For children I recommend starting out at home in familiar surroundings or a park they frequent.  It allows them to be more comfortable and that is my ultimate goal.  Happy kiddies = great photos.

At this time, I only do on-location photo sessions.  My husband is in the process of building my photo studio, but that won’t be done for a while.

Also, at this time, I only do natural lighting photography – I prefer it, to tell you the truth, but when the portrait studio is finished, I will be offering indoor portrait sessions with natural and studio lighting.

Do you only do outdoor photography?

Nope. At the right time of day, in the right kind of room, I can take some exceptional photographs indoors.  Right before and on into dusk is a great time to capture what I affectionately call “Shadow Baby” photos.  You can see examples of them in my Babies and Artistic sections of my portfolio at  early morning, when the sun is just coming up is also a great time to capture those ‘glowing’ soft photos that I love, if you have enough light in your home.

When is the best time to schedule and take newborn photographs?

Newborns are best photographed up until they are two weeks old – ideally within the very first week.  It is before the onset of infant acne, and they still sleep a fair amount during the day.  The best time to schedule newborn photo sessions is before the baby is born, but if you were unable to do so (I understand how it gets at the end of pregnancy – phew!) please give me a call or shoot me an email anyway and I will do my very best to accommodate you and your new little one. =)

What is your typical client like?
How do I know if you’re the right photographer for me?

Ahhh — great question. Typical? My typical client is usually the open-minded momma.  Someone who doesn’t want to pose their kids, but rather let them be free to be themselves.  The people I work with usually just let me take the reigns – so to speak.  I am always  open to suggestions and if there is a particular composition someone wants, I have no problem accommodating them.

Hey…I might be perfect for you – but then again, who knows?  I might not be. Your best bet is to look through the images here on my photo blog as well as my portfolio at  If you see image style and types that you think you’d like of your own family, then we should talk.  If you have something else in mind altogether, I would still advise shooting me an email or giving me a call to discuss your vision, but I will let you know upfront if I don’t think we’re a good match.

I am an honest, flexible, fun person who loves to make people laugh.  As you can see, I write in the same manner I’d speak to you – laid back, relaxed with a touch of corny. (I get that from my father, sorry) I shoot from the hip (Well, not literally.  I shoot from eye level).  Kids seem to like me – so that’s a good thing, animals are drawn to me …could be my perfume…

I like to get to know your children before the photo shoot, without crowding them or being overbearing.  I’m not pushy and am very patient with my subjects.  I like to give them space and let them warm up to me.  Oh…and I am famous (or infamous) for acting like a goof to get those wee ones to warm up.  Most kids are especially fond of my chicken and turkey impressions – but I digress…

No need for you to trouble yourself…just make sure they aren’t getting in trouble, but for the most part, I’ll let you chill out while I follow them around while they play. Keep It Simple. (Silly)

What is a Watch Me Grow Photo Session?

Watch Me Grow is a portrait package that takes place from Newborn to One year of age.  If you would like to include a Maternity Session, that’s even better. It consists of five (or six, if including maternity) photo sessions: (Maternity), “Hello World!” (first 2 weeks of life), “Watch Me Smile” (age 3-4 months), “Watch Me Move” (age 6-7 mos), “Watch Me Stand” (age 9-10 mos), and “Happy Birthday” (1 year old!)

At the end of the year, following the final session, I will design a one of a kind coffee table book using the images from the sessions to tell the story of the first year in the life of your child.

Membership is just five (or six if including Maternity) installments of $120 which go directly to the purchase of your child’s book. No additional session fees are required. Additionally members in the Watch Me Grow program receive a 20% discount on print purchases throughout the year.  If payment for the year is made upfront, get 15% off total price.

Can I buy the photos from my session on a CD instead of printing them?

Sure!  You can purchase an individual digital file or the entire set of images on CD – details below.  Single, edited/enhanced final print-ready files are $35 each and a CD of ALL final files from your shoot begins at $250.00.  These files are for your own personal use only – you will be able to make prints, cards, and share on the web.  These files may not be sold, nor used for any commercial purpose.

You just need to ask yourself if you will be using them for email and web or for printing on your own.

Please note:  I do not guarantee quality of prints when not printed through a professional photo lab.  Chain stores such as Walmart do not use the high quality paper that professional labs do, so in about a year your photos are going to fade.  Additionally, the two labs that I use handle any photo color correction on the printing side to ensure your photos come out looking the way you see them online.  Monitor and printer calibrations need to be taken into consideration, as each one is different. What looks great on your monitor may look much different depending on the printer.

Pricing for digital photos for personal use is as follows:

Web Site quality (72 dpi, 640 x 480):
For emailing, social networking and websites.
Entire Normal (1-2 hrs) Shoot “digital negatives” (100+ imgs)
*minor editing to correct white balance, contrast, color etc* $250

Additional More Advanced Retouching is $35/photo

Entire Significant Shoot (4+ hrs, 300+ imgs) “digital negatives”: $500

Print Quality (300 dpi, up to 8×10):
Entire Normal (1-2 hrs) Shoot “digital negatives”: $750

Entire Long Shoot “digital negatives”: $1000
*minor editing to correct white balance, contrast, color etc*

Additional More Advanced Retouching is $35/photo

Combo Package: Low Resolution Photos can be included on any Hi-res photo disc for an additional $35.00

These are ALL for NON COMMERCIAL use.

Please contact me directly for information on commercial licensing.

Prices subject to change at any time without notice.