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Keeping It Simple (Silly) | Charlotte, NC Artistic Portrait Photographers

I finally got the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Tracey K, here after many failed attempts due to colds, work, exhaustion and the like – on both our parts.

My opinion? It was well worth the wait.

We had a great time, lots of laughter and the result was a great bunch of artistic beauty shots, close-ups of Tracey’s big brown eyes and face and a few candid laughter-filled moments caught on digital ‘film’. Here are just a few.

Technical info: This photo shoot was done outside in my yard as the sun was setting. No artificial light used – except for my porch light for a couple of the shadowed close-ups of her face… All natural lighting and nothing but a simple Nikon D40. Post-processed through Lightroom/Photoshop
Location: Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Portrait Photographers | Tracey K

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Charlotte, NC Artistic Headshot Photographers | Tracey K
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