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Torti’tude | Day In the Life | Charlotte Lifestyle Photography

Our cat likes to pretend that she isn’t quite fond of my son…who adores her.  She’s a Tortie (technically a calico but her white fur is limited to a spot or two.).  I worked in the pet industry for almost two decades and anyone who has worked with Calicos, Torties can attest to the fact that they have Torti’tude.  Lulu le Mew, our torterrific kitty is the epitome of confidence, c’attitude and faced with the choice of flight or fight, this kitty is a fighter.  She treats my son like he’s another cat, stalking him, ambushing him.  Whenever he tries to love on her, she gently but firmly gives him the what-for.  She likes to PRETEND she doesn’t like him.  But whenever he isn’t paying attention to her, she seeks him out.  These photos were to sweet not to share.  Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

CandidHams Photography