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Terry and Carol Vaughan, Dynamic Duo | Uptown Charlotte Photo Session

Uptown Charlotte, NC photo session with professional speaker, Terry Vaughan, of High Intensity Team Building, who is best known for his participation on the History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 and for his work helping to empower women through his Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Seminars.


I was honored when I received a call from Carol Vaughan, Director of Sales and Marketing for High Intensity Team Building and wife of professional speaker, Terry Vaughan, asking if I was available to photograph her hubby for their company’s upcoming re-launch.

Of COURSE I was! [hee hee]

I spoke to Carol over the phone to get a better idea of what they were looking for and to schedule the session.  She wanted photos of Terry that would convey his personality, rather than posed portraits. (I can handle that…me thinks)

We scheduled the photo session for the following day, Wednesday, two days ago, hump day, the middle day of the week…[I'm get the point.] in the evening, due to time constraints, natural lighting but also in hopes it MIGHT cool down…[bah!]

Anyone who has been down here in Charlotte, NC for the last few weeks can attest to the fact that the temps have been almost 100 degrees every day with very high humidity.

I, once again, also enlisted my closet-artist husband, Neil for this photo shoot, who likes to pretend he’s not artistic. pppft…..

He thought it was just because he knows his way around Charlotte better than I do, but in reality, the man’s got ‘vision’.  I let him play art director (he falls into it naturally) and I maintained my role as the photographer.  Not only did it make it easier not to get lost (heh heh), but he had some great ideas for locations, making for some FANTASTIC photos, and fits quite nicely in the director’s seat, giving me a much-needed break. [so thanks honey]

Terry Vaughan -

Once I met Terry. …

Wait. Back up….Once I met Terry and his unexpectedly-reserved-self stepped aside (he tends to take on the role of the observer, when not actively interacting with people, I found)…I could see exactly why Carol wanted my style of photography to capture Terry’s personality.

It isn’t often that you meet a man with his background (he hails from England, and is formerly one of England’s elite Royal Marine Commandos – hence the reserved, observant side) who does what he does (he teaches ‘Situational Awareness’ to help empower women to defend themselves against predators, often speaking on touchy subjects such as sexual crimes) that can so easily laugh at himself.

His facial expressions rival those of physical funnyman, Jim Carrey. He’s definitely got unique sense of humor, so, well…be prepared to laugh – and if you ever meet him, and get to attend one of his seminars – you might just learn a thing or two.

He’s not afraid to joke at his own expense…and anyone who can do THAT, is A-OK in my book!

Carol Vaughan -

… I gotta tell ya – after speaking with her a couple days prior, I felt like I’d just had a chit chatty conversation with one of my old friends.  Then, upon meeting her, she even LOOKED familiar to me! She’s just a very down-to-earth, perfect combo of spicy and sweet gal. She’s a mother of 3  and looks better than most 18 year olds. I’m not afraid to say it, Carol – I’m sooo jealous – you go girl!

Terry and Carol Vaughan … two words:

Dynamic Duo

Their love and supportiveness of one another is very apparent.  I was even able to sneak in and capture some Kodak …eh I mean NIKON, [ahem]…moments between the two of them. If they lived in Hollywood, the celeb magazines would probably refer to them as a “power couple” and give them some compound name like “Terrol” …er something. …but I digress.

My long-winded, somewhat-weird delivery of an insomnia/coffeine-fueled point is:   They work very well together, look out for one another and I just think they’re both wonderful – it’s not only refreshing, but inspiring to see, especially in this day and age.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the two of them which made the experience less like a photo session and more like four friends, two couples walking around Uptown Charlotte…eeeehhh-xcept for the fact that if the excursion was not for the professional purpose of photographing Terry Vaughan for High Intensity Team Building’s relaunch…NO ONE in their right mind would be casually walking around in 100 degree weather, haha, much less for over 2 hours.  In the words of Terry’s wife Carol, “I’ve never been so excited to take a shower”. (I hear ya sister).

I think THAT was a mutual feeling for all of us after walking around – for me, rolling around on the ground (hey…I get into my work…) – for over two hours in tropical-jungle-like-what-are-we-in-Africa?-weather.  I half expected to see an elephant walk by – it was so hot.


All in all, when the photo shoot was done, we may have been drenched and quite pooped, but we got bunches of awesome photos – so it was all worth it.

Happy client, happy photographer.

Carol, Terry…thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. You two ROCK!

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