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CandidHams Update | NC Photography and Design

Hello, hello, hello! NOPE…I have NOT been abducted by aliens (this time). It HAS been quite a while since I last updated my poor, neglected, still-a-work-in-progress blog here at [I'm very sorry, Blog] I just wanted to write a little something and explain where I’ve been, what’s been happening, why I disappeared for a…

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My Photographic Muse | Charlotte, NC Children’s Photographer

Today wouldn’t be complete without including these recent photos of my son. He is an inspiration, a character, a goofball of a child and I love him and LOVE taking photos of him. So, here are just a few of my ‘practice baby’ – hope you enjoy! Lovella CandidHams Photography

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These Boots Were Made for Nappin’ | Charlotte, NC Custom Family Photography

During a recent photo shoot at the park with some friends, my husband took care of our 8 month old son. At some point, he must have gotten tired and layed himself and our baby on a bench for a little afternoon nap. I, being the photo opportunist that I am, snapped a few sneaky…

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