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Oprah, Terry Vaughan, Empowering Women, Situational Awareness, Self Defense Show | Vote HERE

New photography client, Terry Vaughan, best known for helping to empower women with his seminars on Situational Awareness and helping to teach them (us) real-life tactics of self-defense against attackers and predators is working to get Oprah to film a whole show about Situational Awareness Training For Women. OPRAH…!?? Terry is not your typical guy…

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Uptown Downtown All Around Charlotte! | Charlotte, NC Modern Photography

A few weeks ago hubby and I left wee-man with grandma and went off to walk around Charlotte and take random photos of buildings, people, architecture and whatever else crossed our paths. We enjoy doing this from time to time. It gives us some much needed alone time…well one-on-one time, as well as being able…

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Rose Petals, Rutabaga and Arugula | Charlotte, NC Candid Photographer

“Arugula” and younger sister, “Rutabaga Turnip” {wink} had a great idea – and lots of fun – picking rose petals during the photo session. It was creative and made for some really great photos.  Thank you girls! Lovella CandidHams Photography

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