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“Charlotte, NC – based photographer, Lovella with Candid Hams is as professional as she is pleasant to work with – plus, she’s a bit of a ham herself so she has a charmed way of making her subjects smile for the camera, and feels comfortable behind it. She has an abstract eye so she sees the beauty in every angle, and captures every angle.

Not to mention she is fluent in photoshop. I watched her turn a daytime photograph into a nighttime one without changing the integrity of the photograph or altering me. Although she did make me look even better through the magic of photoshop! I have worked with countless photographers and videographers throughout my career, and Lovella is by far the best. I have trusted her with all of my pertinent materials for advertising and my headshots as well. When I get married Lovella will be the photographer, and when I have children Lovella will be the one to capture their growth. I wouldn’t trust my memories with anyone else. “

– Brittney Cason, Writer, Brittney After Dark | Host 3WideLife

“Your work is exiquisite and timeless and priceless. I love it because it captivates my heart and stops time. TO ANYONE ELSE READING THIS I WORKED WITH THIS GENIUS AND YOU SHOULD TRUST HER CREATIVITY.” –James Davis

I have tears in my eyes goose bumps down my arms.   I can not believe how your pictures have evoked so much emotion from what seemed like just an average fun day with a new friend! You are so talented.  The girls and I are so proud of the results.  I will be a Lovella advocate forever!

Thank you so much.  I can’t wait to order some of these. The girls just said, “when can she come again?”  They miss you.



Lovella Paradiso and Stacey Krull take a moment to document their friendship with a photo during a modeling shoot (January 2007)

Lovella Paradiso and Stacey Krull take a moment to document their friendship with a photo during a modeling shoot (January 2007)

How does one describe Lovella?  Lovella is talented.  No. That’s not it. Yes, she’s talented but it’s more than that.

Lovella is gifted.  That’s a bit closer.  She’s a writer, a singer, an artist, a model, a photographer, a graphic designer.  Impressive.   But again, she is more than just that.  Look closer.

What Lovella brings to the table is more than her professional titles and achievements.  She’s a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend.  She gets “it” because she’s lived “it”.  She knows what you are looking for because it’s what she looks for.

Lovella is imaginative, inventive, clever, experienced and polished.  She pays special attention to the details. That’s important, right? Who has time to worry about the details?

Well, Lovella does.

Lovella is patient, confident, determined.  She will do what it takes to get what you want.

Do you have a vague idea but don’t know what you want?  That’s okay. Lovella will capture what you didn’t know you wanted and more.  Personally, I am delighted to say Lovella is my friend. I’ve worked with her on photo shoots and have seen her artistic eye transform countless photos into works of art. I’ve hired her for web design and am always astounded with the final product.

Do you need more convincing? Really?

Let go and let Lovella …
Stacey Krull

Tracey Kirchhofer
OMG!!! You are AMAZING! I love all of the pictures. You know how much I hate having my picture taken and you made this so much fun. I will scream your praises from the rooftops!!!! Thank you for making me feel so special and pretty!
Charlotte Photographers Client Testimonials | Tracey K

“…your work is so so wonderful – when someone can look thru photos of a complete stranger and stay interested to see what could be next – that’s talent – your friend is beautiful and your talent endless! ? I too am a big fan!” — Christine Amon Ohl